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Friday, May 13, 2011

Athens, Greece: Mother's Day in the Acropolis

Synopsis: My dad and I want to do something nice for my mom for Mother's Day. How about a trip to Athens? My dad's friend, Ted, from New York is going to fly out and hang out with us too.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Land in Athens in the late afternoon and a few minutes later, Ted lands too. We all meet up with the private driver that we hired to take us to our apartment. The driver is very entertaining and gives us a brief introduction to Greece and the culture. He drops us off at our apartment and we go up to check it out.

The apartment sleeps 10 people, though we are only 4. It is a really nice place and the owners take great pride in presentation and hospitality, as we have a welcome basket on the table with goodies, a map, a discount booklet, and a bottle of ouzo in the fridge.

We walk out into the town to check out the surroundings, and stop for a gyro. It is 1,50€ for a gyro and drink! Wow, I could eat here all day! And it was a pretty decent gyro.

Thoughts: Ah, the weather here is amazing. It is a pretty lively place so far and our apartment seems to be in a great location, walking distance to food and shops, and most of the major monuments. I'm saying "yassas" (hello) to everyone I see.

Dad and I photobombing the photo of our driver


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