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Friday, October 12, 2012

Bratislava, Slovakia: Hotels Cost More Than a Nickel

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Bratislava is NOT like this

Synopsis: After having a blast in Warsaw, Agnieszka's friend, Gabi, has so kindly offered to host me for a weekend in her home in Bratislava. If she is anything like Agnieszka, this trip is going to be amazing.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Leave Charleroi in the early afternoon and land in Bratislava to be met by not one, but two lovely smiling ladies. Gabi, and her friend, Nelly. We catch a bus to Old Town and walk around a bit, taking photos and seeing the sights. We stop for some traditional Slovak food. Then, we head to Gabi's place to drop off my stuff. Her friend, Barbara, is having a house party so we head to meet another friend, before heading to Barbara's.

Everyone is really friendly and we all end up going out after the party to a bar. This guy sitting at the bar discovers I am American and asks me every possible question imaginable. Go ahead, imagine a question...yup he asks that too! After hanging out for a few hours, I catch a cab back to Gabi's. Agnieszka comes in by bus really early in the morning, about 4am, shortly after I get back.

Thoughts: Gabi speaks English, but Nelly doesn't. She and I were communicating with google translate, each time we went somewhere with free wifi. Then, with no wifi, we just used non-verbal communication and pretty much got the gist of what each other was saying. It was quite fun trying to communicate. People are what make a lot of my trips so much fun and interesting. This one is turning out to be very much about the people.

The gold package: Met at the airport by two lovely ladies


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