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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey: Tryptophantastic Turkey Day

Synopsis: On my quest to visit all of Europe, and then see Asia, I found a place that will give me both in one visit: Istanbul, Turkey. I found a host on couchsurfing and I will stay with him for a few days. And, I spend Thanksgiving in Turkey.

Trip Overview:

Day 1: Head out of Zaventem in the early afternoon, to AtaturkIstanbul. It's a 4 hour flight so I have plenty of time to learn some Turkish...that I quickly realize is super hard to learn and I immediately give up and watch spongebob on my iPad. I land in Istanbul and catch the bus to the stop where my host, Ibrahim, is going to meet me. He eventually finds me and he takes me back to his place. After dropping off my stuff, we go out for something to eat at a local spot that he frequents. I tell him to order me something really Turkish, and I end up with a tripe sandwich and wash it down with yogurt. Head back to the house for the night... a bit traumatized.

Thoughts: I am greeted with rainy weather, though it is warmer here than in Brussels. Initially I didn't know it was a cow stomach sandwich, and after eating 85% of it, I asked him what I was eating... which meant I had to struggle with that last 15%.

Ibrahim, my host, and I

The mosque next to his house that had loud speakers that announced the 5 daily prayers

Işkembe and ayran = Cow stomach and yogurt! 


Friday, November 16, 2012

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Going to "Luh-jub-luh-jah-nah"

Synopsis: I was talking to Ed about all the traveling I'd been doing and he tells me he wants to join in. I tell him I saw some cheap flights to "Luh-jub-luh-jah-nah" and after he finishes wiping his tears from laughing so hard, he tells me he has friends in "loo-blee-yah-nah" that we can stay with.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Ed and I arrive in the early evening. We catch a bus to the neighborhood we're stay in, and walk to the house where Amer, Ed's friend hosting us, is staying. We meet 4 other guys that live in the house and we hang out for awhile playing card games. Since its Friday, we head out to Cirkus to go dancing. From there, we go over to Parlament Pub for a little while before heading home.

Thoughts: Amer is really cool and I can tell he and Ed were pretty close when they were at university.   Ljubljana is really cheap! Our cab ride was 5€! Brussels, charges way more and is way less friendly.

The crew the first night

One on the bed and one on the floor


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