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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Barcelona, Spain: More Coca, Si Us Plau

Ainhoa and I are heading to Barcelona to hang out with her sister, Irantzu, and some other friends we have there. It is also during the fiesta of San Juan (or Sant Joan), so let's see how the Catalans celebrate compared to the Navarrans.
At the national museum of art, looking out on the city
At the national museum of art, looking out on the city (on day 2)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Puebleando the Pyrenees: Spain and France

A summary (then you can skip to the photos)

The viejo monasterio de San Juan de la Peña
The viejo monasterio de San Juan de la Peña
(sounds better than the old monastery of Saint John of the big rock)
Ainhoa's parents have loaned us their van and we put a makeshift bed in the back and plan to camp each night on our trip as we tour around the Pyrenees mountains. We plan to circle around the mountain range into France, and then cross through it on our way back into Spain.

Monday, June 5, 2017

¿Sabes qué me saca de mis casillas? pt.6

Pues no voy a quejarme más de la burocracia y estupideces municipales porque es demasiado fácil y común encontrar lo malo en la cosas gubernamentales. Hoy, voy a quejarme de las cosas un poco más personales aunque imagino que son también universales.


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