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So, as I tour around Europe and the world,  my friends have asked me to keep a travel blog so they can see pictures and know what I'm doing on my adventures. This request is likely because I am one of those weirdos that doesn't use Facebook. (update: I do use Facebook now, but I'm still weird)

I am going to go back as far as I can remember and chart my travels, if nothing else, with photos I took in each place. I don't always travel alone, but with some Travel Buddies. Then on my new adventures, I will log realtime and give better descriptions. I am predating all of my posts to when they actually happened, so they will archive in the correct order.

Now I live in Pamplona, Spain and I've been charting my travels in a new subsection called VEN con TMax. It is about the joys of living in Spain, learning the spanish language, interacting with the locals, and of course, traveling around Spain.

Check out my 100th post: This American's Favorites discussing all of my favorite things about traveling.

Solo(ish) trips 
DEC 2014 - Present Day Trips around Spain
NOV 2014 Oslo, Norway
AUG 2014 Riga, Latvia
APR 2013 Copenhagen, Denmark
JAN 2013 Dublin, Ireland
NOV 2012 Istanbul, Turkey
OCT 2012 Bratislava, Slovakia
SEP 2012 Warsaw, Poland
MAY 2012 Panama, Panama
APR 2012 Budapest, Hungary
FEB 2012 Lisbon, Portugal

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Travel Buddies

My parents
My two favorite travel partners. I have been so many places with them and it is their adventurous spirit that I have inherited that motivates my wanderlust.

Christmas 2014: Spanish Road Trip
New Year's 2014 Miami, FL
Christmas 2013 Caribbean Cruise
New Year's 2013 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Summer 2012 Alaskan Cruise
MAY 2011 Athens, Greece
New Year's 2009 Paris, France
JUL 2008 Strasbourg, France

Crazy, spontaneous, and always ready to have a good time. Full of great ideas and quite adventurous. Almost never rests and is constantly researching and recommending the next great place to check out. Plus, fluent in Spanish, French, and English; so that helps.

Mexico: How Little I Knew About My Next Door Neighbor

Barcelona, Spain: More Coca Si Us Plau
Puebleando the Pyrenees: Spain and France
Puebleando to Andorra 2017
Sofia, Bulgaria - Christmas 2016
Thessaloniki, Greece - Christmas 2016
Les Cases D'Alcanar, Spain: In Between Cataluña, Valencia, and Aragón
León, Spain: Carnaval and Free Pintxos
Cádiz, Spain: La Costa de la Luz

Upon moving to Spain, I enrolled in a Spanish class to improve my grasp of the language. The teacher thought it best to put the only two North Americans in the class together. Since then, we've been the guiris gemelos (foreigner twins) everywhere we go.

Veliko Tarnovo and Vratsa, Bulgaria - Christmas 2016
León, Spain: Carnaval and Free Pintxos
This American's Random Travels Around Spain pt. 1
Buñol, Spain: La Tomatina 2015
Valencia, Spain: Las Fallas 2015

Just an amazing person all around. Top-notch travel partner. We think just alike, have many of the same interests, and like to embrace the culture we're immersing ourselves in. My longest trip to date has been with her (18 days in southern France).

A delight to be around. Always smiling and having fun. A budding photographer (she takes a lot of pics, but not sure if she is actually good at photography, yet :-P). Likes taking weekend trips and is the reason I've discovered many of the destinations closest to me.

If a country starts with the letter "S", I have to go to it with him. He is so well connected, that every time we travel, we just stay with one of his friends who will take us out and show us the city.

NOV 2013 Madrid, Spain
FEB 2013 Belgrade, Serbia
NOV 2012 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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