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Friday, April 5, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark: WOD would you do for a danish?

Synopsis: I decide to go visit Jon, a Danish friend I met while doing crossfit in Beglium, for Easter weekend. Lo and behold, Emil, my crossfit coach and also a Dane, is going back the same day on the same flight! He will escort me to his homeland and then Jon will take me out and show me the real Copenhagen.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Stephanie drops off Emil and me at the airport. We hang out and chat over coffee about him potentially opening a gym in Copenhagen. We have different seats on the plane, so I really don't see him again until we land. After landing, he and I head to the center, via metro. We swing by the Butcher's Lab, where he used to train before becoming a coach. Then we meet up with Jon, where Emil and I part ways.

Jon takes me around the city in his car and shows me some sights like the Little Mermaid and the Fallen Soldier Memorial. We then head back to his place and drop off my stuff. We head back out into the city via bike, For dinner, he takes me to this great Italian Restaurant, and he promises the tiramisu would be the best I ever had, and he is not wrong! Then, we go have drinks at a townhome-turned-upscale bar, and we are joined by some nice ladies at our table who don't even say a word to us. We are too attractive and probably intimidate them.

Thoughts: It was chilly in Belgium, but it is snowing and freezing cold in Copenhagen! Especially walking along the waterfront and riding around by bike. Thankfully, Jon gave me a pair of wool socks and my feet were never cold again! Now, I know why Emil wears his all the time at the Black Box.

This picture is the sole reason I know Steph took us to the airport

On the metro headed toward downtown Copenhagen

"Pick up a light kettlebell" -Emil

Meat processing plant turned crossfit gym
Aw, the little mermaid

The little mermaid done grown up! 

Fallen soldier memorial

Maybe the best host I've ever had in my life! Jon Jacob(Jingleheimer Schmit)sen!

Bike tours by Jon

Beet juice and something or other drink. Quite delicious

We are blurry thanks to the beet juice cocktails

The first black guy on a bike in Denmark

Cheers to a great night

Day 2: Wake up to the smell of breakfast being made. That is nice! We go out for another city tour, but in the daytime, and on foot. Carsten joins us. We walk around and complete the tourist checklist before heading to The Pharmacy, the crossfit gym Jon trains at, to do some stretching and mobility work. Afterward, head back out into town and grab some food. Go home and shower before heading back out again, for drinks and late night shenanigans.

Thoughts: Who doesn't like waking up to breakfast? And it was delicious too! Carsten and Jon are pretty laid back guys and nice enough to let my tourist needs guide our path for the day.

I mean c'mon! Gourmet breakfast with such presentation!

The architecture was amazing!

Carsten and I on the Torvegade 

What's Hans looking at???
Timothy Gardens
Inside the Pharmacy (aka Apoteket)

Next floor, women's lingerie
Joe and the Juice…and the Tim and the Carsten

Capturing the moment being captured


Make Jon laugh while he is drinking

Madame Chu's gets crazy!

Day 3: Head back to The Pharmacy for a team wod. After punishing our weakness (crossfit mantra), we go for another bike ride and see the rest of Copenhagen. We go to Jon's favorite bar, hidden conveniently on the other side of town, behind trees and houses. We were invited by some of the people at the Pharmacy for a get together, which we ride to, because its not that far. Hangin' out with the Danes, who intermittently throw out english words to make me feel like i'm not left out. They are really nice and we have a good time.

Thoughts: I had a teammate that played pro basketball here, and now I see why he loved the area and the people so much.

Team WOD warmup

Team WOD: 299 pushups to go

Hot new hobby: bicycle photography (aka bicyography)

I want abs like hers!

Day 4: I have a late afternoon flight, so what better way to spend my morning than doing a wod? And after the wod, let's do an hour of clean training (not like learning to sweep or dust, but the olympic variety). Good times. Then its off to the airport all alone, waving goodbye to Emil and Copenhagen.

Thoughts: I feel like I am becoming a machine...

Oh Cindy, how bad you went

How is it that I always find the other black people in these countries 

Success at the Butcher's Lab

Oh wait, there's still more workout left!

Welcome to the gun show!

My first ring muscle-up

Final Thoughts: I went to a crossfit gym everyday on this vacation. And, despite all the short sleeves and summer clothes, it was really cold. Maybe it was just me, but I did not see a lot of Danes smoking; a nice change from the rest of Europe. Jon's mom made me some wool socks and sent them to me and I wear those things everywhere, because they are so comfortable and warm!


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