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Thursday, August 27, 2015

An American Party in Spain

Back in December 2014, when I moved to Spain, I was greeted with fiesta after fiesta. As I spoke with the locals, they wanted to know about me and what I thought of their culture and parties. I always struggled to answer their questions (mainly because my Spanish wasn't that good yet), so I decided that one day I was going to throw a party to show them how we (Americans) get down. I planned the whole event, with food and music. Eight months later, I still hadn't done anything past the planning stage. 

Virginia and Leo's backyard, AKA: party central
Virginia and Leo's backyard, AKA: party central 


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

21 More Random Things This American Notices About Spain and Europe

The millisecond after I published the article 14 Random Things This American Notices About Spain and Europe, I already had new ideas for a follow up list. This one is new, improved, and even more random than the first list. These things are interesting to me, to you, and to everyone you have ever met in your entire life, with all of whom you will share this. That is all. Enjoy.


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