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Friday, May 1, 2020

TMax, How is Learning Chinese Going?

Learning Chinese is difficult

But, I love a challenge! This is part of why I undertook learning the language in the first place. So, I will not be scared off that easily. Though I do seem to have a lot of problems with Chinese...

Learning the language = learning the culture

I'm a huge fan of experiencing and understanding other people's cultures. One very good way to do that is to learn their language. Though, learning doesn't always clear up things I don't understand, many times it does!

Culture shock is inevitable

But, after experiencing it, you can discuss it with your new friends and they can explain to you what is really going on, furthering your understanding, and making you feel more comfortable in this new environment.

Persistence and consistency are key

The more I try, the better I get. I make sooooo many errors along the way, but if I didn't make those errors, I might not have learned. So, here's to making mistakes!

Make sure you have good friends

Patience is so important when you are teaching something. Teachers are so underrated! If you don't believe me, ask any one of your friends to teach you something, and as soon as you start to make errors, they will get frustrated and you may lose a friend!

Having fun while learning

If nothing else, I'm enjoying myself. And that's what will keep me going and help me to continue to get better.

Are you learning Chinese too? What's been your experience?


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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I've been in China for a year and a half and I have created almost 50 videos about my life and experiences there. Here is a quick summary of all my videos. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


I have explored many different cities in China, including my home city of Beijing.

I have also visited Korea and Japan since I've been here. So many more amazing places to go and visit!


I like food. Doesn't everyone? Yes. The answer is yes.


One thing China is NOT lacking is culture. I lived in Europe for 10 years and traveled to over 30 countries, but never have I experience anything like China. Culture shock has been a close friend of mine since I arrived.


Why did I move to China? Besides wanting to experience the culture, eat the food, and travel, I really want to learn the language. And what better way to learn than through immersion? Or so I thought...

Daily Life

So what is life like in China? Just like anywhere else in the world, but the Chinese version of it... plus air pollution, Chinese Festivals, and interesting daily interactions with Chinese people.

Train with TMax

After launching a fitness-in-the-park community in Pamplona, Spain, I decided to try it again in Beijing, and with much more success than I anticipated!

Becoming Famous

Now that more people are meeting me and realizing how awesome I am, I'm getting new opportunities to show off my talents and participate in interesting events.

How did I create all of these videos? I filmed them on my phone, then edited them on my phone, and then shared them from my phone. If you want to make super sweet videos like me, check out this video tutorial!


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Coming to China? Read This First!

While most travel guides do a great job answer the "what" questions of China travel (what should I see? what will it cost? what hotel is best?), they often do a very poor job with the "how".

That's where this travel guide by long-time China writer Josh Summers comes in. It skillfully helps travelers properly set their expectations of China while teaching them how to navigate transportation, how to get cash and pay for things, how to travel without speaking Chinese and how to stay connected to the internet while traveling.

It's the perfect companion to many of these other travel guides, particularly for those travelers who have never been to China before or who are hesitant about what to expect.

Get more info by clicking here.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Exploring China with Ainhoa

So, Ainhoa recently came out to visit me in China and I did a seven-part vlog on our wonderful adventures together. Here, you can relive those moments with us, as I provide a brief explanation of the highlights of each video.

Tim and Ainhoa with the giant Buddha in Leshan
Giant Buddha in Leshan (Vlog #8 - 3rd video below)

Friday, April 27, 2018

San Francisco, California, USA: My Golden Gate To China

I've been considering incorporating more video in my blog posts, and even replacing some posts with video. Well, this is the first post that I will do entirely as a video.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive updates on new videos.

Comment, like, and share the videos with everyone you've ever met in life. Thank you, that is all.

My First Vlog


Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Visa Process to Get a Job in China

The Chinese Visa Timeline

What does the China visa process look like? How long does it take to get a Chinese work visa? How much does the Chinese visa process cost? Check out the timeline below.

  • U.S. residence: Alaska
  • Chinese embassy: San Francisco
🕒Days since I started the process
💰Total money spent
🛬China arrival date

Thursday, April 5, 2018

What Do You Think? A New Portal Page For

Giving My Website A Facelift

Since I have a travel, language, and culture blog, plus a health and fitness blog, plus a YouTube channel, plus many other random things going on, I wanted to create a landing page for all things TMax-related. I wanted to do something simple, clean, and minimalist, so people can quickly find what they are looking for and can go there.

Check out the website below. I want to know your opinions, comments, and feedback.

The website SCROLLS, so check out the whole thing!

  • What do you (dis)like about the layout?
  • What pieces of information am I missing that I should include?
  • Is the Train with TMax section sufficient, or does it need more info?
  • What do you think of the songs?
  • Which is your favorite drone video?


Saturday, March 17, 2018

To Blog Or Not To Blog, I Will Let You Decide (TAKE THE POLL!)

The Scenario

As you (should) know, I am moving to China in a few weeks. I've learned that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are blocked in China, among other sites, and my blog is powered by Blogger (a Google product).
Photo credit Into the Raw

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dear Social Media,

Anger from Inside Out

I am writing to tell you how much you suck.

Or is it that I suck? One of us is for sure sucking.

Sincerely, The TMax


Sunday, March 11, 2018

5 Examples of HTML/CSS That I've Painfully Had to Learn Because Blogger Is NOT User Friendly And Has No Good Plugins

This is partially me complaining about Google's blogging service (compared to the ease of Wordpress - though they charge for all the good stuff), and partially me thanking Google for forcing me to learn some HTML and CSS, important skills to have nowadays. This list is not everything that I've learned, but the more intense and time consuming examples.

So, despite my hours of frustration and looking up every new term, I better appreciate a nicely done website, and I hope my website gives you the same appreciation.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Conoces Navarra Mejor Que Este Guiri?

Qué hay en Navarra? Muchos lugares y sitios bonitos, preciosos y asombrosos! Cuando vives en un lugar, muchas veces piensas, "Ah, un día iré ver eso, pero ahora es mejor viajar más lejos." Pues, 'un día' se convierte en 'luego' y 'luego' se convierte en 'nunca'. Nunca aprovechas de tu propio vecindario.

Por el otro lado, los extranjeros y las turistas vienen y ven y disfrutan todos los lugares que 'no has tenido tiempo' para aprovechar. Como yo, el autor y guiri extraordinario de VEN con TMax. Viví un poco menos de tres años en Pamplona y además de ver todo el país, conozco muy bien Navarra.

Has vivido aquí en Navarra durante muchos años, o aún todo tu vida, pero ¿has visitado todos estos lugares?


Thursday, March 1, 2018

If You Don't Use It, You Lose It... So, Here's Me Using It

Languages are like most skills: if you don't use them, you lose them. But, I think that's an oversimplification since we also have the saying, "It's like riding a bike..." So, really, if you don't use it, it will just sink into the recesses of your brain until you decide to access it again. But, you'll be slow and feel almost like you're relearning. And, the more you access it, the faster and more adeptly you (re)become at that skill.

So, I don't want to lose my level in any of the languages I speak, so in addition to consuming content (movies, music, and reading), I produce content to help keep me sharp. Though sometimes I feel about as sharp as a.... not sharp thing. (Give me a break! I'm trying... to be lazy :-P).

Wow, all that talking just to present to you my new original song that I performed in English, Spanish, and French (and kinda in Chinese). Enjoy! Buen provecho! Bon appetit!

Because I Can (Porque Puedo, Parce Que Je Peux)

Was that not the best thing you ever heard in your entire life??? Leave comments below!


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

10 and a Half Things I Miss About Living in Pamplona, Spain

It has been six months since I left Spain and reflecting on the good times, I've come up with a list of things that I most miss about my life in Pamplona. Though I was sad to leave, I'm glad I had the opportunity to live there.

Ya ha sido seis meses desde que me fui de España y estaba reflexionando sobre los buenos recuerdos y he hecho una list de las cosas que más les echo de menos de mi vida en Pamplona. Aunque estuve triste irme, estoy feliz que tenía la oportunidad para vivir allí.

Lots of people standing in the rain watching almadias go down the river
Ainhoa and I watching the almadías go down the river

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