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Monday, August 28, 2017

Mexico: How Little I Knew About My Next Door Neighbor

Traveling with Ainhoa to her old stomping grounds of Guadalajara and then to travel through Guanajuato, León, and Puebla, before hanging out a few days in Mexico City.
Ainhoa and Tim pose with Mexican flag
Viva Mexico!

Interesting observations about Mexico

  • Mexicans are humble, honest, and generally friendly. 
  • Mexicans put chili on everything. No, seriously, everything.
  • Many things named after Miguel Hidalgo (Mexican revolutionary).
  •  Public bathrooms cost between 3-10 pesos, including some stores.
  • At the toilets, they give you a certain amount of toilet paper, or there is one roll outside of the toilet, and you take some in with you.
  • Mexicans speak in the simple past, like the Asturianos
  • "Alto" instead of stop signs. (Morocco is the only other country I've ever seen it say anything other than "stop").
  • Mexicans drive very aggressively. 
  • 'E' for estacionamiento instead of 'P' for parking, unlike rest of world.
  • Mexican street sellers are loud, but not aggressive (read: bothersome) like in some other countries.
  • Despite the intense heat, people have on long sleeves and even jackets, in the middle of the day. 
  • The women wear a lot of makeup.
  • Mexicans aren't fat but also no one is skinny. 
  • Volkswagen beetle may be the official car of Mexico.
  • Mexicans don't throw toilet paper in the toilet, but in a trash can. 
  • Mexico is more similar to US when it comes to smoking - they do it way less than in Europe.
  • In Europe you see people with fútbol shirts (i.e. Barça, Man U, Bayern), but in Mexico you see American cities and (all) sports teams.
  • I learned many new words, and new definitions for words I already knew.
  • The fruit here is so good: bananas, papaya, guava, dragon fruit, mango, zarzamora (blackberry).


Friday, August 18, 2017

This American's Spanish Experiences as Told by Infographics

Infographics are awesome. They give you info... graphically. You get a lot of information, quickly, and in an interactive way. Click on an interesting picture and you are taken to a webpage or video that gives you more info. Compare differences and similarities between things, but in a fun layout.

I have done five different infographics that give my readers (that's you!) beautifully designed pictures describing my experiences in Spain. Qué aproveche!

Everyone loves food!

TMax Upside Down - Handstands & Travel Fitness

Basketballin', but not in Spain

Questions and Speaking Spanish

Teaching in Spain vs Au pairing in Spain

Which is your favorite infographic? Leave a comment below!


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