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Friday, February 22, 2013

Belgrade, Serbia: Where Sava and Danube first met

Synopsis: Ed and I decide to go to Belgrade, Serbia (partly because it's somewhere we've never been, but mostly because we found cheap tickets). We also decide to couchsurf, to make sure we get the full expereince of the city under the direction of a local.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: We catch a midday flight and get to Belgrade in the early evening. We meet our hostess, Alex, and her friend, Goran, at a local McDonald's. She takes us back to her place, and we stop by the store first to buy food for the weekend. On the way back, Alex points out the buildings that were bombed during the war; the first time I've seen anything from the Kosovo war, in person.

We try some homemade rakia, before leaving the house, and that stuff is strong! We then head out and go to a couple clubs/bars, which are literally, smoke infested. There is more smoke than people in the club, if that's possible.

Thoughts: I changed my money at the airport and got raped on the exchange rate. I'm only using ATMs from now on. Alex said she almost didn't host us because my couch surfing profile was "scary". I used to have a photo of me during an intense xfit training session.

Our host, Alex, Ed, and Goran

I'm rich!

Getting ready for our first night out

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