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Friday, May 1, 2020

TMax, How is Learning Chinese Going?

Learning Chinese is difficult

But, I love a challenge! This is part of why I undertook learning the language in the first place. So, I will not be scared off that easily. Though I do seem to have a lot of problems with Chinese...

Learning the language = learning the culture

I'm a huge fan of experiencing and understanding other people's cultures. One very good way to do that is to learn their language. Though, learning doesn't always clear up things I don't understand, many times it does!

Culture shock is inevitable

But, after experiencing it, you can discuss it with your new friends and they can explain to you what is really going on, furthering your understanding, and making you feel more comfortable in this new environment.

Persistence and consistency are key

The more I try, the better I get. I make sooooo many errors along the way, but if I didn't make those errors, I might not have learned. So, here's to making mistakes!

Make sure you have good friends

Patience is so important when you are teaching something. Teachers are so underrated! If you don't believe me, ask any one of your friends to teach you something, and as soon as you start to make errors, they will get frustrated and you may lose a friend!

Having fun while learning

If nothing else, I'm enjoying myself. And that's what will keep me going and help me to continue to get better.

Are you learning Chinese too? What's been your experience?


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