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Friday, January 25, 2013

Dublin, Ireland: St Patrick's Trinity of Jameson, Guinness, and...

(Tim walks into the location where he sees Katherine for the first time)
Tim: Hi, I'm Tim and I like to travel.
Katherine: Hi, Tim. I am Katherine and I also like to travel.
Tim: Let me know if you want to travel somewhere.
Katherine: I want to go to Ireland. You ever been there?
Tim: No I haven't. Let's go.
Katherine: I'm already on the plane, hurry up!
(They go to Ireland)

Please read this post with an Irish accent. Trust me, it will make it much more interesting.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Fly out of Charleroi to be welcomed by a wet and miserable day in Dublin. We don't let that stop us and walk out into the city with one child-sized umbrella. Needless to say, we get wet. After about 2 hours of torturing ourselves, we head back to the hotel to shower and change. Then, now that the rain stopped, we head back out to check out Temple Bar District and find something to eat.

Thoughts: I tried for weeks to find a couchsurfing host, but no one would host us. Not so lucky, if you aren't Irish? Friday night and there doesn't seem to be a lot of people at the bars and one nightclub we went into was completely empty. Guess the Irish party on other nights? Plus, Ireland is renown for its amazing greenery, which, unfortunately, is all white now.

Travel buddy, Katherine


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Abu Dhabi, UAE: New Year's 2013

Synopsis: I decide this year to go visit some family, who happen to be in the United Arab Emirates, with my parents.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Flying out of Frankfurt on a 6-hour flight on Etihad Airlines, in economy class. Compared to every other airline, it felt like (almost) first class. I enjoyed the flight very much. We land at the Abu Dhabi airport to be greeted by Keith, the dad of my parents' godchildren, who hosted us during our stay. We drop our stuff off at the house and then head out to a golf course (where Tiger Woods is playing at in a few weeks) for dinner. There is live entertainment and the weather is amazing, even at night.

Thoughts: The family we are staying with are Keith, Jackie, Maya, and Darius (who is in college and didn't make it for Christmas). There is a lot of sand and nice cars everywhere. This is my first time in the Middle East, but my second time in Asia (Turkey).

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