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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Easter plus Bosnia and Montenegro

Synopsis: Hmmm, another 3-day weekend coming up. Stephanie and I know what that means! 4-day trip to somewhere I've never been. Been wanting to go to Croatia for awhile, Dubrovnik seems nice. It's on the border of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, so why not go there too? Ok!

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Found a hotel right in Old Town, go check-in. Booked a city tour, so we head that way. Our guide, Heni was a knowledgeable guide and had good historical insights. The tour was the perfect amount of time, not too long that we got bored or tired, but not too short that we missed sites or skipped important stuff. We, then did the ancient city walls tour and it is clear why the ancient walls are the biggest attractor to Dubrovnik. Mari was a good guide with lots of insight into Game of Thrones trivia, for those who are into that show. The walk had stairs and inclines, but totally worth it to get the views and photo ops. The city walls ticket is also good to get you in Lovrijenac Fortress across the water. So we go there next and walk up the 4 bajillon steps to the top. Great view. There's a pizzeria across from our hotel, so we'll check it out. 

Thoughts: Good weather and great tour guides made for an informative and fun day. Staying inside of Old Town is cool, as I feel it really immerses me into the city. There are fresh water fountains EVERYWHERE, and we fill up often. Probably the first trip I've ever been on where I stayed hydrated. So, does that means I can eat all the ice cream I want?

Arriving in Dubrovnik
Me in front of Lovrijenac Fortress

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