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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

¿Sabes qué me saca de mis casillas? pt.3

"¡Venga! Este hombre ¿¿esta quejándose de nuevo??" Si estas pensándolo, deja de quejarte de lo que estoy quejándome, ¡Jolín!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Salute to Great Friends

Emcee: Thank you all for coming. We will now hear remarks from their closest friend, the TMax.

TMax: A pair of greats are no longer with us. They supported me through so much. They were always working together, each carrying their share of the burden. They always made me feel so comfortable. Of course, I'm referring to my former everyday/travel shoes.
Walking the city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Walking the city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guest Blog: Realizations of an Expat in Europe

By Stephanie Condon
She is married, with one son, living in Europe (Germany and Belgium) for the last 13 1/2 years. Works at NATO. Loves to travel and experience other cultures, especially the cuisine. Speaks English well, and can get by in French, German, and Dutch.

After living in Europe for 13.5 years, I've made some observations. Here are a few.  Have you noticed the same things?

Life as an expat realization #1 
There is no such thing as personal space. Get used to it. If you need it, move back to America. Maybe Ohio.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Buñol, Spain: La Tomatina 2015

Happy 70th birthday La Tomatina!

We drove to Valencia the night before and stayed at a pretty sweet Airbnb place that Alex found. Aside from the lack of air conditioning (it was so hot) and wifi (who doesn't have wifi???), the apartment was cheap and well-located. We walked around the city a bit and then headed back to the apartment, since we have to be at the bus at 730 the next morning. 

We wake up the next morning, dress ourselves in clothes we plan to never see again, and walk toward where the bus is supposed to pick us up. Greg booked the bus tickets with a company that was not the main company running the buses for la tomatina. So, we walk around for half an hour, asking different bus drivers where to find our bus, and no one knows. We even walk to the bus station to ask them, but they know nothing either. Finally, on our way back from the bus station, we stop and ask another driver, who points us in the right direction, and we  get on our bus. Obviously, not many people have heard of this company because there are only 15 people on the bus, including us and the driver.

Tomatina or bust
Tomatina or bust

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