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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This American Compares Teaching & Au Pairing

So, I just learned how to do an infographic and this is my first attempt at making one. I know, it's so awesome, it seems like I've been doing these for years. Well, thank you, but I'm still just a beginner. Wait until I really get good (insert wink face here. Or is it winky face? Or winking face? Hmmm, you get the idea though.)

To see the dynamic and interactive version, click here.

Travelin' with the TMax - Teaching vs Au Pair


Monday, December 28, 2015

11 Differences This American Notices between Europe and The USA

As a follow up to my recently posted 13 Things This American Misses About The US, I've come up with some differences that I noticed between the Americans and the Europeans (yes, I continue to lump all of those different countries together). These are purely observations, and not a post about who does things better or worse. I have plenty of those already. So, these are differences I notice between the US and Europe.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cosas que he estado poder hacer en Español

Después de un año en España, ¿qué tal mi nivel de castellano? ¿qué puedo hacer? Obviamente puedo sobrevivir y hacer las cosas diariamente. Claro que tengo un buen nivel, pero no significa que no uso mis amigos españoles para ayudarme y apoyarme cuando lo necesito. A pesar de cualquier ayuda o apoyo que recibo, hablo bastante bien y estas son algunas cosas que conseguí en castellano.

Uno - Postular y hacer múltiples entrevistas, y al final, conseguir trabajo

Dos - Buscar y alquilar un apartamento

Friday, December 25, 2015

13 Things This American Misses About The US

People always ask me (read: ONE person ONCE asked me) what I miss most about the US. I usually struggled to answer this question, since I hadn't been to US in quite some time. Now that I've come back to the US to visit my parents for Christmas, I can finally put a list together. 

13 Things I miss about the US


Friday, December 11, 2015

Cádiz, Spain: La Costa de la Luz

Synopsis: I have been trying to get down to Cádiz and Gibraltar since I moved here, and I finally have some time to do it. Plus, I found some friends to road trip with me, so we can move around and do more in the area. Brittney and Ainhoa will ride with me in the car as we go down the Ruta de la Plata, and Eduardo will take the train and meet us down there. We got a nice AirBnB apartment near the beach and not too far from downtown.

This can't be safe, but it's fun
Road trips are the best, except when they're not, then they aren't
1,000km along the Ruta de la Plata
1,000km along the Ruta de la Plata

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