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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Going to "Luh-jub-luh-jah-nah"

Synopsis: I was talking to Ed about all the traveling I'd been doing and he tells me he wants to join in. I tell him I saw some cheap flights to "Luh-jub-luh-jah-nah" and after he finishes wiping his tears from laughing so hard, he tells me he has friends in "loo-blee-yah-nah" that we can stay with.

Trip Overview:
Day 1: Ed and I arrive in the early evening. We catch a bus to the neighborhood we're stay in, and walk to the house where Amer, Ed's friend hosting us, is staying. We meet 4 other guys that live in the house and we hang out for awhile playing card games. Since its Friday, we head out to Cirkus to go dancing. From there, we go over to Parlament Pub for a little while before heading home.

Thoughts: Amer is really cool and I can tell he and Ed were pretty close when they were at university.   Ljubljana is really cheap! Our cab ride was 5€! Brussels, charges way more and is way less friendly.

The crew the first night

One on the bed and one on the floor

"Check out the TMax beard" -Ed

Amer, our host

Dance, dance, dance

Day 2: Wake up and I make breakfast for everyone still in the house. Ed does the dishes. Teamwork! Amer takes Ed and I downtown Ljubljana to see the main areas. We go up to Ljubljana Castle and see the city from a nice vantage point. We walk over the Dragon Bridge and head back to the house. After eating some borek, we head to a bar on the Ljuljanica and I meet a couchsurfer there. We all go from there to Klub KMŠ and dance for a few hours, while trying the traditional rakija, served in mason jars (guess it's cool amongst the youth). 

Thoughts: Hmmm, there are like 15 people in this whole city, it seems, as we walk around the sights. Where is everyone??? But at night time, of course, the bars and clubs are packed. Drinks are quite cheap, about 3€ per drink, which is how much talking to the bartender costs in Brussels.

I cook eggcellent

Couchsurfing pose in the main square

From on top of the city

Some random little girl who was all up in my pictures. In the caves under the castle

At a bar on the Ljubljanica River

Day 3: Wake up in late afternoon, call Parnell to see how he's doing... sorry, Lazy Sunday reference. Today, Ed and I are going to hang out with some couchsurfers that I connected with before we got here. We meet them in a Chinese food restaurant and they give us another tour of the city, plus take us to some cool coffee shops. Then, we go over to their side of the city, an area we haven't been to yet, and there we learn about the election that is going on in Slovenia. After hanging out with them for awhile, we head back to the house.

Thoughts: Couchsurfing is pretty cool, as you get to get the locals' point of view of what the city has to offer and what is a must-see. Plus, all the people we met were very friendly and showed us a good time.

Hangin' with couchsurfers

Now that's a hot drink

Day 4: Last day and we meet up with 3 more couchsurfers around the city. We eat tapas at TaBar with two of the surfers, as we discuss plans for them to come visit us in Brussels.

Thoughts: Guess we gotta come back when people actually are here. Today, a work day, there are still barely any people in the city.

Meeting two couch surfers for drinks, with Ed and Amer

Final Thoughts: Come to find out, the reason no one was around much is because they were having elections in Slovenia and everyone has to go to their hometown to vote. I guess no one is actually from Ljubljana? I met and spent time with 5 different couchsurfers, though I didn't actually stay with them. I like traveling with Ed, and I'll probably go more places with him.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia


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