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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Day in San Sebastián

Synopsis: Take a day trip with the Linzoain's to San Sebastián, about an hour drive from Zuasti, where we live. 

Trip: Drive up into Basque country (Euskadi) through the mountains. It is a beautiful sunny day. San Sebastián is on the sea, so we can see the water as we drive downtown in the city. It's Saturday, it's really crowded, and all the parking garages are full. While driving around looking for a parking space, we see almost half of the city. Emilio is like a tour guide and knows everything about the city. He points out the Maria Cristina hotel, where celebrities stay for the festival de San Sebastián (a film festival like Cannes). 

After finding parking, we walk along the pier with an excellent view of the bay and the island in the middle of the bay. It's time for la comida, so we go to three different pintxos bars. At the bars you are supposed to throw your trash (toothpicks and napkins) on the floor, under the bar. I try all kinds of foods that are typical to the area, and I don't ask what any of it is until after I finish it. All the food I try, I like. After, we head to Constitution Square, where we have a coffee. 

From there, we walk along La Concha beach, named so because it is shaped like a shell (concha). We go back onto the boardwalk after passing La Perla, a royal summer house in the early 1900's, and now a public gym, spa, restaurant, and cafe, overlooking the beach. There, we have hot drinks while watching the sunset on the sea, capping off a great day.

"Selfi" is the word of the year in Spain for 2014. We are perpetuating its popularity here in front of the town hall and Monte Urgull 

Handstand on the pier

Emilio explaining the surroundings

You just throw your trash on the floor and they sweep it up later

Bar-hopping for lunch with the family

Octopus-sises (octopi?) and crabs just chillin' on the counter

Green peppers on top of morcilla (pig blood, rice, and spices), Serrano ham, and bread

I tried everything

Red peppers stuffed with tuna, topped with cream

Sausage, egg, and red pepper, on bread

We are only a few miles from the French border, so some signs are in French

The varieties of pintxos were endless

We have jalapeño poppers in the U.S. too

Shrimp on top of crab salad, covered in shredded egg, on a boiled egg and bread - ingenious

Maria Asun in Constitution Square, with the Christ of the Sacred Heart statue in the background

He let me pick the number and said if we win, I get a cut. C'mon lucky #933021

On la playa de la concha with the town hall and Monte Urgull behind me

Finishing the day at La Perla with hot drinks watching the sunset on the bay

San Sebastián thanking me in Euskara and Spanish

Final Thoughts: Great day trip. Many more to follow, as we discover more of España.

Location: San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, Spain


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