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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Exploring China with Ainhoa

So, Ainhoa recently came out to visit me in China and I did a seven-part vlog on our wonderful adventures together. Here, you can relive those moments with us, as I provide a brief explanation of the highlights of each video.

Tim and Ainhoa with the giant Buddha in Leshan
Giant Buddha in Leshan (Vlog #8 - 3rd video below)
As soon as Ainhoa landed in Beijing, we were already on a train headed toward Xi'An, home of the Terracotta Warriors and China's most dangerous mountain to climb, Huashan. Despite a super hot day, we head out to explore Xi'An, only to be met with heat exhaustion and a short (and entertaining) hospital visit. Then, after properly taking care of ourselves, we head back out and explore all that Xi'An has to offer.

Because of the majesty and splendor of Mt. Hua (Huashan in Chinese), we decided to stay locally so that we could climb it all day and not have to rush to catch a bus or train back to Xi'An. It was definitely worth it to get the views and beauty that we got to appreciate. I also got to fly my drone despite the rain and fog.

After the (literal) high of climbing Huashan, we catch a train to Chengdu in hopes to see and play with baby pandas. First, we decide to go see the largest buddha statue in the world, and I almost lost my drone in the river.

Then, we get our chance to see the pandas! Afterward, because we wanted to be a bit spontaneous, we didn't pre-book trains and therefore we learned the hard way that you can't do this in China in the busy summer season. So, we make a pit stop in Chongqing to hang out with some friends we met at Huashan.

Again, meeting disappointment with train bookings, we find ourselves in Zhengzhou. Not far from the Longmen Caves, we decide to make a day trip out to check out the Unesco site, and were pleasantly surprised.

Also not far from Zhengzhou is Shaolin, the birthplace of kung fu, and currently a school to thousands of students. Despite pesky rain in the morning, we ended up with a beautiful day to check out most of the Shaolin campus. Unfortunately, we did not get to explore the surrounding forests and nature further.

Back in Beijing, we don't let the small detail that I have to go back to work prevent us from enjoying China's capital city. From the relaxing Summer Palace, to a remote part of the Great Wall, to the iconic Forbidden City, we discover parts of Beijing I hadn't been to in the previous four months that I've lived here. Ainhoa saw even more than I did!

Have you ever been to China? How was your adventure?



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