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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

European Road Trip: Summer 2009

Synopsis: My mom has invited out my god-brother and god-sister, along with two of my cousins, to come experience Europe with us for two weeks. She has planned a road trip around Germany, France, and Italy. My dad will be taking off to provide us excellent chauffeur support, and I will be the witty narrator of videos and photo-taker. 

Trip Overview:

The whole gang in Stuttgart, Germany ready to roll

Darius is amazed at how well my mom packs a car

Open road shenanigans 

Castle tours in Germany

Beautiful view in Garmisch, Germany

7 days on the Italian island of Albarella

Bike rides around the island, no cars allowed

Swimming in the Adriatic Sea

Taking part in the local delicacies

We played a lot of UNO

And a lot of volleyball

The staff at the hotel were very friendly

Pretty much Maya's M.O.

Craige is always chillin'

Leaving Italy, headed to Paris

The driver and the cameraman, my pops and me

Lorenzo can't believe it, he's at the Eiffel tower

Reunite with my other god-brother in Rammstein, Germany

Location: Europe


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