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Friday, July 20, 2012

Alaskan Cruise: Lumberjacks, Whales, and Glaciers

Synopsis: After going to my aunt's birthday party in San Francisco, my parents and grandmother are planning to cruise seven days to Alaska, from Vancouver. After visiting Alaska, Michigan will be the only state I have never been to.

Trip Overview:
This will be the first blog I do entirely in photos!

Day 1: 

The Fearless Four fTravelers 

Vancouver skyline

Ready to get this cruise started

The first of many, many ice creams

My grandmother invited two of her friends along, Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Maria

Day 2: Day at Sea

Real fruit ninjas

Breakfast of champions

Getting ready for dinner, and a photo shoot

Celebrating someone's birthday

Day 3: Ketchikan, Alaska

These guys were sawing up a (dust)storm

This is a horror movie in Texas

The show was quite entertaining though

Inside a Native American Great Lodge

#selfie #greatlodge

Next to awesomeness, is a totem pole

The whole crew

All you can eat sushi!!! It's about to go down!

Live ice sculpting

Day 4: Juneau, Alaska

On the whale watching boat 

Whale watching, and actually seeing whales

Mendenhall Glacier in Tongass National Forest, the nation's largest forest

The ice is cold, 200 years old cold

Spectacular show after dinner

Day 5: Gold rush on the Yukon Trail

On the absolutely beautiful Yukon trail

Overlooking Tagish Lake and the amazing scenery

To get a feel of an old miner town and husky camp, go here

Alaskan food
I think my dad is about to fight the elk pushing up on his woman

I hope it's not a bi-polar bear

Real live snow dogs, minus all the snow

The Yukon has some spectacular views

Adopting a husky

Mush, papa!

I swear this goat said my name!

Emerald Lake, a must see in person

Oh, the joys of hearing quebecois. And on the wrong side of Cananda!

Fillin up the ol' passport

Ice cream is always delicious. Plus I have an official sticker on my shirt

But smaller than death?

Back in Canada
The original conductor of the train

Wooden train ride back to Skagway

Through the mountains and valleys
Back to the port
The town of Skagway in the White Pass and Yukon Route

Dad being silly in the gift shop

Day 6: Glacier Bay National Park

Exhibit on the boat
One of many glaciers we saw
Glacier up in the mountains

The largest glacier in the bay

Baked Alaska celebration

Who knew a state could taste so good, once baked?

Connie and her brother, the only other two on the ship my age

Day 7: Day at sea

He's no Emeril but the MC made it very entertaining

Plus free insulin shots (not pictured)

The only day the kitchen was probably actually clean

The head chef and maitre d'

15 minutes of fame, and no one is even in the stands

Waiter gettin' fresh with my grandmother

Last day and the last show is always the funniest

Day 8: Anchorage, Alaska

Outdoor market

My dad is from Texas, and my mom absolutely loved this stand

Me and the local famous bear, pretty much standard in these parts

Final Thoughts:
The cruise was the first I'd been on where no one is in the dance hall or the late night restaurants after 10pm. Apparently, the clientel that tend toward an Alaskan cruise are not the same ones who tend toward the Carribbean cruises. But for the nature-lover in me (like 7%), this trip was amazing and full of natural wonders and outdoorsy adventures. And, I always enjoy spending time with great people, like my family.

Here are some professional photos from the trip:



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