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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg: Smallest country in the EU

Synopsis: Staša has a friend that lives in Luxembourg who invited us out to hang out. We will do just a day trip to get a taste of the country. City tour and then hang out for a little while.

Trip Overview:

Day: We arrive in Luxembourg after a 90 minute drive. We are hungry and have about an hour before our city tour. Why not stop at McDonalds? Then to the city tour where our guide shows us the ins and outs of the city. Back at the main square, as we wait for Stasa's friend. She finally shows up and takes us to the other side of the city. We walk around a bit and then head back, so we can drive home.

Thoughts: I love Europe. An hour and a half and I'm in a new country, with a new language, new culture, new people and customs, and new experiences, and then drive back home, all in the same day. I drove 5 days from Washington state to Washington D.C. and all I saw was Americans! Granted, there were some differences and some nice experiences, but nothing like what I experience here in Europe. If you have ever heard Luxembourgish, you understand how different it is from German, French, and Dutch (from the four surrounding countries), and how important the differences in culture are to the different European nations. This is Europe, ladies and gentlemen.

Driver: focused. Passenger: goofing off.

I had a luxemburger

Our knowledgeable guide

View of the city

The Luxembourg flag looks JUST LIKE the Dutch flag. Oh yeah, Stasa is in the pic too
Taking a picture that I will likely have to delete later due to its poor quality

Beautiful people in front of beautiful background

The interesting art in the alleys of the city

Final Thoughts: One day just didn't suffice to experience all there was in the city. It was, however, a great interest sparker for me and I do plan on going back to do the 7 castles tour.



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