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Monday, May 4, 2015

Battle of the Kitchens: España vs USA - Round 2

Since I moved into the Linzoain's home, I haven't noticed many differences in the manner of cooking or food choice, between Mariasun and I. But, after several months, I've picked out some idiosyncrasies in the way we run our kitchens. Here is the much anticipated follow-up battle to the last bout, between Virginia and I, of Battle of the Kitchens: España vs USA. 

Mariasun's kitchen vs Mine

Mariasun's kitchen vs Mine: 

1. Mariasun does not own a microwave, nor will she ever buy one. She is not a fan of the radiation and I can respect that. However, sometimes, I need to warm up some leftovers or make some popcorn, and using the stovetop or oven just take way too long. I'm a busy man, with all of my stuff and things that I have to get done, and stuff.

2. I noticed this at Virginia's house as well, but Mariasun uses scissors for cutting meat while cooking, and while serving. The only time I ever used scissors in the kitchen was to open a package of frozen cookie dough.... mmmhh frozen cookie dough! But, they are useful for ribs and lunch meat, however I prefer a knife for chicken and pork. 

3. Mariasun does not have a dishwasher, not because she doesn't want one, but because it has been broken the whole time I've been here, and is clearly not a priority in being replaced. She doesn't mind washing dishes, and though I absolutely love and utilize my dishwasher at home, I don't mind so much washing my own dishes by hand. 

Also called a moka pot
Also called a moka pot
4. I've seen coffee pots, I've seen coffee machines, and french presses, but Mariasun has this special stovetop coffee pot that is super inconvenient, but makes pretty good coffee. She is also a fan of instant coffee, which I only keep around for my guests who need coffee immediately and can't wait two minutes for the coffee pot.

5. Spicing up my salads with parsley, pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, cheese, meat, and many other toppings is the only way to have a salad, as far as I'm concerned. The family likes to say "salad" when they are simply referring to lettuce. Imagine my excitement when I hear "salad" and I get a boring lettuce platter, covered in olive oil and salt. I didn't even know you were allowed to put salt on lettuce!

6. So, I have a-lu-mi-num (for my British friends) foil and plastic wrap for leftover foods and to cover plates. However, I also have baggies, snack, sandwich, quart, gallon, and freezer baggies, all of which are the cornerstone of my refrigerator storage strategy. Mariasun's go-to is plastic wrap, followed by foil, and though I recently discovered she actually does have one type of baggies, I've never seen her use them. 

7. I am not a huge yogurt fan, though I like it and will buy it from time to time, but Mariasun actually makes her own yogurt. And it is darn good! She has the whole kit thing and the family loves the yogurt so much it doesn't usually last more than a day or two. 

(some of the images/videos used in this post are from other sources and not my own)

Location: Pamplona, Navarre, Spain


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