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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Teachin' English in Spain with the TMax

Now that my adventure as an au pair is coming to an end, I need to find a way to stay in Spain (legally), which means finding a job. Thanks to la crisis, the job market isn't too receptive to Americans, therefore I found an opportunity via UP International, which provides me with another student visa, that allows me to work part time until next summer. I will be teaching English to 3-15 year olds in Colegio Santisimo Sacremento. At the same time, I am required to take some online courses with Foro Europeo Business School of Navarra.

I have a knack for working with children and I enjoy their energy and desire to learn and explore (hopefully the sentiments conveyed about me in my blog). Teaching will be a great way to take the years of experience I have working with children in various ways, and channeling it to assist Spanish children improve their English (the President´s English, that we speak in America).

My first day was quite fun, as I went with the 4 and 5 year olds, on a field trip to see and learn about las gigantes, seen at the most important fiestas in Navarra, like San Fermin. I really like the teaching staff and they all seem very welcoming. It is a bonus for all of us, that I speak Spanish, though I pretend to only speak English in front of the kids. I see myself having a fun and exciting school year at Colegio Santisimo Sacremento.

Learning about the gigantes
Learning about the gigantes

Location: Pamplona, Navarra, España


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