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Saturday, March 17, 2018

To Blog Or Not To Blog, I Will Let You Decide (TAKE THE POLL!)

The Scenario

As you (should) know, I am moving to China in a few weeks. I've learned that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are blocked in China, among other sites, and my blog is powered by Blogger (a Google product).
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The Problem

I am also torn on another subject, and that is my subscribers. I've been writing this blog for almost four years now, and I have had almost no one ever subscribe to my blog. I know, it makes me sad/angry too. 

The Numbers

To be exact, I've had 20 people subscribe, and that was only in the six months, when I switched to MailChimp and placed huge "please follow me" buttons all over my site. Before that, only one person had ever used Blogger's built-in subscription method. 

I imported another 350 from my contacts list. From my total list of 330 (some people unsubscribed immediately), only about 13% of them open the emails that contain my blog updates and about 2% actually click the link to read the blog. I'm averaging about 8 people reading each post via email subscription.

If you know me, you are probably baffled, as am I, yet, for whatever reason, people do not actively want to read my blog. Over 85% of my traffic comes from Facebook. So, if I never shared my posts on Facebook, I might not have anybody reading my blog. I could just post pics on Facebook and call it a day.

I wrote a post about Alaska last October, and I had almost 12,000 views in two days, after I shared it in a Facebook forum. Not one new subscriber. My next most viewed blog post has just over 2,500 views.

What about comments?

I write all my posts to share and engage my readers and spark discussions. If I have hundreds of page views for each post, shouldn't I receive at least a few comments? Of my 150+ posts, I've had a grand total of 25 comments.

  • 4 spam (16%)
  • 8 my comments (32%)
  • 5 from Travel Buddies (20%)
  • 9 from other people (36%)

5 of those comments from other people were from the aforementioned Alaska post! Of course, I have a bit more discussion via Facebook, which is nice, but tells me I don't need a blog, just Facebook.

A Solution?

Once I move to China, I am contemplating to stop blogging. But, before I make such a hasty decision, I wanted to give those few faithful readers an opportunity to convince me otherwise. Please answer the poll question, and then leave me a comment as to why I should(n't) keep blogging.



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