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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dear Social Media,

Anger from Inside Out

I am writing to tell you how much you suck.

Or is it that I suck? One of us is for sure sucking.

Sincerely, The TMax

Is social media marketing worth it?

I am sure it is, just not for everyone. Not for me.

I liken it to pro sports or entertainment - people develop their craft their whole lives, to compete for just a few spots. We see it on reality TV, pro sports, movies, pretty much everywhere.

There are many of us competing for only a few spots. But, if you get one of  those spots - oh the fame, the glory, the money!

So the question then becomes "Are you willing to invest your time and fight for one of those spots, despite the odds grossly stacked  against you?" 

And why shouldn't you? People play the lottery right?

I started my blog and maintain it with the idea of just sharing my funny, unique, and super interesting thoughts on travel, culture, and languages. And I'm happy that a few people read it and like it. 

But then when someone else comes along and writes a piece of pure garbage on the same topic that I wrote about, and they get 150k subscribers and 200 comments and are selling ebooks, that's when I get a bit perturbed and wonder, "Well, can I do the same thing?"

No, it seems. 

Content quality is of the least importance on the list of things you need for a successful blog, Twitter, or Instagram. 

The first is the ability to digitally market yourself and your content. Something, I apparently suck at. Then a few nice photos, and then actually writing something worth reading.

Of course I'm biased that my stuff is better, but I'll even share something with friends to see if it's just me and they agree that the other people's stuff is garbage. 

So, if nothing else, I should be able to capture the attention of like-minded individuals, right?

Well, no. 

Because of my aforementioned sucking at digital marketing, these people never see my stuff (or don't exist). 

It seems I have the opposite ability, as I attract unfaithful readers, trolls, and negative people who want to criticize. 4ly, this doesn't bother me, but if I had 90% positive comments to outweigh those negative ones, it would be even less bothersome. 

My blog is like I built a homeless shelter with all the amenities and there are homeless people sleeping outside, in the alley and by the front door. I do this for free and out of the kindness of my heart and no one takes advantage of it. 

But then there's blogs that focus on ads and have mediocre/mindless content but have a ridiculously large following.

I want to smack Kevin Costner, because if you build it, they will NOT come. They will drive right by it and never look back. If you market it, they will come.

I'm sure there are others out there who share my frustration. Oh, there's nobody else? I'm the only loser? Well, at least I'm finally best at something!

Too bad you can't celebrate with me because you're not reading this.


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