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Friday, January 22, 2016

8 Things This American Misses About Europe

8 Signs That I’m Becoming European (the alternate title)

After three weeks in the US, I was noticing all the wonderful things that I had missed about my country. However, now that I'm back in Spain and readjusting to the Spanish lifestyle, I'm noticing the things that I missed about Europe while I was in the US. It's only appropriate, right? Plus, I have to say good things about Europe too, or they might not let me continue living here. So, without further ado, I present the meat and potatoes of this post. (Or, the chorizo and bread, for my Spanish audience.) 

1. The metric system is just easier. Enough said. 

2. No highway police. Only cameras that flash you and you get a ticket 3 weeks later. For me, this is preferred, and if you know one of my dark secrets, then you'll understand why (muahahaha evil laugh).

3. Americans leave too much space between each other in lines. I had to ask several times if people were in line because they were so far apart! I understand personal space, but six feet in every direction is a bit excessive. Europeans get right up in your grill so you can smell the person in front of you, while feeling the person behind you breathing on your neck. Just like I like it! 

4. When you order a menu item at a restaurant, it comes with a drink, and in Europe, that drink can be a soda, beer, or wine. I don't drink soda or beer, so I have options still. In America, it's soda or water; beer and wine costs extra. 

5. I cannot recall a time I was on an airplane in Europe, watching people get on, and began to sweat at the possibility that a very large person would sit next to me and spill over into my seat. But, in America...

6. When you buy something, the price you see is the price you pay, no later sales/state/local taxes when you get the the register. "Everything's not $1, it's $1.07... false advertising, America." 

7. On non-budget European flights, inflight snacks and bar service are usually included. Four and a half hours from Philly to Denver = water and pretzels; alcohol costs extra. Two and a half hours from London to Madrid = sandwich and pastry, plus wine. 

8. Tipping is optional in most European countries. Again, America, the listed price is never the one I end up paying at the end. 

Bonus things that I DON'T miss

1. Roundabouts. I hate roundabouts. Except when there is no traffic, then they're cool.

2. Smoking. You have no idea (unless you read my blog a lot, then you probably have a vehemently clear idea). I harp on it so much, I'm not even going to hyperlink it to anything. Just type "smoking" in the search bar for my blog and you'll get a lot of hits.

What do you think?

Americans who have traveled outside of the U.S., how do you feel about this list? Do you have anything to add? Europeans, do you agree with me or feel the opposite? Leave me comments. Or don't. But, I'd rather you did! 

Location: Pamplona, Navarre, Spain


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