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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This American's Favorites (100th Post)

This is definitely the hardest post I've done. I already have trouble committing to live in one place, do one job, have one personality...

But, in honor of my 100th post, I would like to finally decide and share what are some of my favorites, based on the questions people have asked me over the years. So, knowing that I can declare these as my favorites, and then later change my mind, I finally, reluctantly, undecidedly, present to you, my favorites, so far.

Favorite country - Spain. I know, it seems cliché, but because I have done so many things, taken so many trips, and discovered so much about Spain, I feel like I know it better than any other European country. More on Spain below.

Favorite cityAix-en-Provence. It's because the ambience is so relaxing and soothing. I had a long vacation there and I feel I would enjoy living in the south of France.

Favorite tripMorocco was so unlike anything I've ever done, plus it was all in French.

Favorite family vacation - Hawaii, we just did so much stuff and it was all-new and I was with my favorite travel buddies - my parents (+ my grandmother). 

Favorite solo trip - Latvia. I felt like a rock star and it was awesome. Plus I met some cool people and even was able to setup a trip with a private guide in Scotland.

Favorite people - Panama. I didn't speak any Spanish but still had an amazing time because of the people. I stayed with people who didn't have much money, so the emphasis was on the exchange of time and culture.

Favorite blog post - Although my Morocco trip was my first post and my gateway post to travel blogging, I have to say I enjoyed writing the Random Things I Notice About Europe series the most. That's because everytime I talk to someone, they say something from that series, and then tell me I should write about it - clearly they don't read my blog. (hahaha...*sob* *sob*) 

Favorite food - Spanish food, in general. It's just all delicious.

Favorite drink - Soplica Pigwowa (quince flavored vodka) from Poland.

Favorite tourist activity - Free walking tours and buying postcards.

Favorite castle - Really? I'm about tired of seeing castles and churches, and now I have to pick a favorite? Well, if a gun were pointed at my head, I'd ask for the bullet so I didn't have to see any more castles and churches! Kidding. Alhambra was pretty sweet though.


Favorite church - Read above. And, then I'd pick Christian Center in Waterloo, Belgium, because people actually use it and it's a great environment and atmosphere, and I always felt welcomed there. And also Zaragoza has a beautiful cathedral.

Favorite river - Danube, flows through seven countries that I've been to (Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, and Romania). Because of this river, those great cities were made and now I've had the chance to visit them.

Favorite statue - In Oslo, Norway there isn't just one statue, but a whole park of them. I had a lot of fun exploring it and seeing so many different statues in one place.

Favorite building – The Emirates Palace Hotel in UAE was amazing, and since we got a private tour, it was even more amazing. I like seeing it in movies and tv shows, knowing I’ve been there, and how cool it really is.

United Arab Emirates

Favorite way to travel – Couchsurfing has proven to be the best way for me to get an authentic experience. I've surfed eight times and most were awesome: Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, France, though Portugal was the only trip that wasn't a great couchsurfing experience. I've also met up with couchsurfers in some cities, where they were great tour guides or just fun to hang out with.

Favorite pose to do in photos - Handstands!

Favorite things in Spain

Favorite thing I've done in Spain - San Fermín. Plus, my parents came to enjoy it with me.

San Fermín
Favorite part of Spain - Valencia is toward the south, so there's great weather, but not so far south that they have the (insert negative adjective) Andalusian accent. 

Favorite hidden gem in Spain Gijón. Maybe it was the weather or the beach or my couchsurfer friend, but I just felt good there.

Favorite plaza in Spain Zaragoza's Plaza del Pilar, or Sevilla's Plaza de España.

Favorite beach in Spain Playa de Mataleñas in Santander is the perfect little slice of heaven.

What do you think? 

Of all of your travels, what are your favorites? Do you share any with me? Post in the comments below or on Facebook.

(some of the images/videos used in this post are from other sources and not my own)



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